What is AI Chat Bubble?

A multi-AI chatbot. "Transfer to Human" is a feature that is just as important as AI because there are tasks the AI can't do, and the customer may need something like that task done. AI is about improving customer service, not neglecting it. We will host the bubble to eliminate the question if our programming languages of choice will run on your server environment. You do not have to change hosting services; keep everything the way it is now and just add AI Chat Bubble.

Speaking of languages, it's also multilingual. That means your customers can ask questions in their native language and get responses back from the AI that require no translation.

We also provide a phone number for customers to text your business, keep in touch with your customers beyond your website. Studies have shown more and more customers "of age" do not use email. All this for $5 or $10 a month. To top it all off, we offer a free trial and secure payment through PayPal™.

Why get AI Chat Bubble?

Increase the usefulness of your website by providing clarity and human support that is more efficient than email. And more accepted.

For the developer, it is an easy process saving months of development. Let's not mention we use Windows Server™ and Linux, which would exceed $10 a month from just the equipment.