Welcome to Code-and-Host, the home of AIChatBubble and a hub for innovative software solutions. As a dedicated software development company, I specialize in crafting bespoke business software solutions tailored for websites, ranging from internal tools to customer-facing widgets.

AIChatBubble stands out as a dynamic chat widget or bubble designed to not only answer queries but also seamlessly integrate with e-commerce to sell as well as support.

Click the link above to delve deeper into the capabilities of AIChatBubble. If you're passionate about artificial intelligence, explore AI Stuff, your gateway to a wide array of AI-related resources. Whether you're seeking inspiration or practical applications, AI Stuff provides a comprehensive starting point.

In addition to AI-focused projects, I also dabble in game development as a hobby, offering simple yet engaging games for websites. Looking to innovate within your industry or streamline your operations with a database solution? With my expertise, I can transform your ideas into reality at remarkably affordable rates, leveraging my retired status to provide exceptional value.

While I excel in backend development and can offer basic UI design to showcase functionality, I acknowledge the importance of expert frontend development for client-facing interfaces. For intricate UI needs, I recommend collaborating with a skilled frontend developer to ensure optimal user experience.

Welcome to Code-and-Host—a destination where innovation meets expertise, and where your software aspirations can take flight.