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Your Data

The AI responds using your data. You provide the subject of the question and an answer. The AI is multilingual, it will know what the user is asking and provide some flavor of your answer.

  • Upload data in control panel
  • Offer focused answers
  • Edit anytime
  • Answers questions interactively
Bot that knows about data you provide.
SMS to Web picture of both screens

SMS to Web

Accept a text at your website. It's another way someone can reach out to your business. The AI will respond if a human is not available.

  • Offer something novel
  • Increase connectivity to customers
  • Improve relationships
  • Phone Number

Language Expert AI

When it comes to inquiries about our products and services, we're here to provide answers tailored to the information you provide. Our AI system is designed to understand the data you input and identify questions related to what you offer, regardless of the language they're asked in. So, whether it's in English, Spanish, or any other language, we'll make sure to provide a comprehensive response by translating your input and incorporating the relevant details you've shared.

  • You provide your data
  • The AI interprets and uses everything you provide
  • Responsive
  • Can handle everything from "how are you" to "what is [your company]"
Language expert diagramming


Utilizing multiple AI systems allows us to enhance the quality of our responses significantly. While we could have chosen LangChain solely for its capacity to integrate your data with ChatGPT™, we've opted for a combination of several AI solutions. Although this might incur a slightly higher cost, it enables us to deliver responses ranging from simple greetings like "Hi" to detailed answers about products and services, ensuring a more comprehensive and efficient interaction with our customers.

  • LangChain™
  • Chat GPT™
  • AWS™
  • Other
Human Chat Operator

Transfer to Human / Chat Bubble

We've made it easy to connect with a real human agent whenever the customer needs human assistance or a contact form. With the "Human" button prominently displayed, you can initiate a transfer with just one click.

  • Tab Recognition
  • Transfer to Human or Contact Page
  • New Chat Notification
  • Message Waiting Lamp

Try Before You Buy

The free trial time gives you a chance to use the product for 30 days. If it's not everything you need, the cancel button is on the same page as the purchase button. No questions asked, no sales reps to talk to—just click and go.

  • No sales person will call
  • It's the best you have seen at the best price
  • SMS to web requires us to buy a number though
  • Everything else included free
Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Bubble HTML, WordPress plugin, jQuery support. Simple as copy-paste. If you are unsure, don't fret, our support will gladly assist you in development/install. We also have a control panel for you to do common tasks.

  • Bubble HTML
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Native JS, jQuery
  • Support/Control Panel
Easy Setup


Answers to questions businesses care about.

  • How many questions (daily chart)
  • What are people asking about?


All transactions are processed by PayPal™. We never see a credit card nor have the ability to charge anything but the agreed $5-10.00 a month. Oh, and you don't even have to have a PayPal account.