FREE Website AI Chat Bot

FREE Website AI chat bot is a free chat widget for your website. It specializes in answering your customers' questions about your products or service. The exact same thing as our paid subscription service. The difference? In the FREE version you goto Openai and get your own CHATGPT ™ key. We do not do it for you. We also removed the SMS feature. 100 questions per month.

FREE AI Chat Bot

Tools & Technologies

Bootstrap Javascript CSS3 HTML5 Server-Side Code - Chat and AI WordPress


Same Features as AI Chat Bubble


  • 1. Get Chat GPT Key -
  • 2. Sign up FREE and setup your ChatGPT™ key (below)
  • Uses Login by Google™
    Chat GPT Key provided above Domain of your business where chat bot will be used. 10 Digits, no dashes. Let us know if don't get test message. Do not use in production if not.
  • 3. Install script or Plugin on Test Page. The code is tested, if you need help use contact page.
  • 4. Create and upload index.txt. The description is in the control panel which you will soon be able to login to. But essentially its your FAQ.