Code and Host

Dedicated, Shared, Full-Stack Code

Extensive library, Server-Side REST

I work with web developers that just need server-side functionality.

Ingrediants(For the tech-minded)


AMAZON ™AI Features such as Image validation Text validation AI TRanslate TextToSpeech, Speech to Text or API features such as s3 cloud file storage functions

OPENAI/ChatGPT™ AI NLP integration

Google ™ REST n API The mega giant has lots of features available for free and some that cost a tini-bit

Browser sound Record Sounds from a browser

Browser Video/pic RecordVideo or pictures from a browser

Chat Integrate reaaltime chat into any application.

PayPal™ Invoke PayPal with varried amounts. Relies on cookies which may disappear.
PayPal IPN Code level sale completion

Web Push Browser notifications.

SSE Server Side Events. Provide real time services.

SMS, Phone, Fax Integrate Text, Phone Fax.

Scheduled Events Percision down to 30 minutes. Repeat functions or wait for a given day.

Form Anything From a contact to a poll

Password Generator Generate a password

IMAP Connect to email IMAP for something

Link2Note.com Save & Get & Create text like files or HTML with this online editor interface

NOSQL Add database operations

AI Search Provide inteligent, NLP search to your web site.(Currently the fee for this is too high for small business)

Shopping Add ecommerce functionality.

Dedicated and shared, small or large. Fast or cheaper. Amazon ™ prices for managed service.